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Custom Orders

I will gladly take custom orders for fiber or handspun yarn for those that are unable to spin their own.

Fiber prices will depend on the fiber choice and the dyes used.  I will ask for one half of the total cost up front and the remainder upon completion.  I do ask that you purchase what you need at one time for a custom dye order as I may not be able to replicate the recipe exactly.

For yarn my prices are as follows:

$3.25 per ounce of fiber

Plus $0.35 per yard for singles or 2 ply

$0.70 per yard for 3 ply or Navajo plying as these take more time and effort.

For yarn orders, I will ask for a deposit dependent on the work involved.  I will estimate yardages that you will get based on previous experience and deposit will be approximately 1/3 of the finished cost.  I will round down to the nearest 10 yard increment.  For example if I spin 23 yards, you pay for 20 yards.  If I spin 47 yards you pay for 40.  I do this because yardages are not exact, therefore you get a bit more than you pay for.

For any of these orders, please send me an email and I will create a reserved listing for your deposit.