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Various type of artificial, animal, and vegetable fibers

Sep 16

An Introduction to Hand Carding Wool

Want to learn how to use a hand carder on your wool so you can spin it with a drop spindle or spinning wheel. Well I have a free video that shows you how

May 30

Of Fibers, Weaves, and Looms

Fabric, the final frontier. These are the voyages of the star ship Loom. It’s thousand year mission to explore strange new weaves, to seek out new textiles and new fibers, to boldly go where not weaver has gone before. Once the wool fiber is all grown up, We must decide on what journey into its …

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May 27

Introduction to Wool Processing

Wool Processing Have you ever wondered how a single strand of wool from a sheep can become a finished product like an aran sweater, burlap sack, or intricate lacework? Well you might be surprised that all wool goes through roughly the same process regardless of which final product it becomes. When you look at it, …

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Sep 03

September Phat Fiber update

Unfortunately due to losses sustained in Hurricane Isaac. the samples sent into the Phat Fiber sampler box will be unavailable for sale.  I will be more than happy to special dye some of these but please be aware that it may take some time. Our losses were simply too great to allow us to maintain …

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