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Different processes and techniques on processing wool as well as some history

Sep 16

An Introduction to Hand Carding Wool

Want to learn how to use a hand carder on your wool so you can spin it with a drop spindle or spinning wheel. Well I have a free video that shows you how

Jul 15

How to flick wool using a flick carder

Want to know how to use a Flick Carder for flicking wool. I have a small write up and video tutorial for free

May 27

Introduction to Wool Processing

Wool Processing Have you ever wondered how a single strand of wool from a sheep can become a finished product like an aran sweater, burlap sack, or intricate lacework? Well you might be surprised that all wool goes through roughly the same process regardless of which final product it becomes. When you look at it, …

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Jul 05

What is a Distaff

Lady teaching girls how to use a drop spindle with a distaff

Wool to Yarn: What is a Distaff A distaff is a stick or spindle on which wool or flax is wound around to be used for spinning. So what can you do with a distaff? Well a distaff allows the spinner to essentially have a third hand. The reason for a distaff is to basically …

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