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Information on ways to dye fiber and what can be used to dye fiber

Jul 18

August Phat Fiber


Arabian Nights for Phat Fiber in August So I can’t say much until my samples are sent off to HQ to be sorted into boxes.  But what I can say is that the theme of this month played around in my mind A LOT!  This is one of my favorite themes yet.  The theme for …

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Jun 28

Dying for Garb

Linen dyed Popping Jay Blue

Our First Attempt at Dying Fabric So I am starting the dying process for garb for both this year’s Louisiana Renaissance Festival as well as the wedding garb for next year.  So far this is what I have, the dye in the dyepot.  Had to make a last minute run to the store for the …

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Jun 25

After the Storm


So I have finished the fiber samples for the Phat Fiber sampler box.  They are called After the Storm and will be available in the shop soon. The process began as kind of a mistake.  I miscalculated on the amount of dye needed for the grey and instead I got BLACK! So we took some …

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May 06

Fiber Inspiration and Update

Sorry I have been kind of missing in action this week.  It was the final week of class and I was trying to get finished with all my schoolwork.  Once I finished the final paper, I just sort of dropped for a bit.  I do have my finals on Tuesday and Wednesday so I hope …

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