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About Us

From Sheep to Shawl is a small company that was created after we discovered our passion for fiber at the Louisiana Renaissance Festival in November of 2011

Mission Statement
To explain and inform people on how the various types of fibers are taken from a raw state, then through the refining process, and then to a final state with the processed fiber.
We also provide historical re-enactment to show how spinning was done in the 16th Century during the reign of Queen Elizabeth II

Picture Courtesy of Samantha Hallenus

Cherry Matherne – Is the lady with all the ideas. She has a degree in Criminal Justice from Southeastern University in Louisiana. She will be attending Paul M.Hebert Law Center at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge for her Juris Doctor.   She plans on completing the degree in 2015. She owns 2 spinning wheels. One is a Kromski Prelude which was her first and the second is a Kromski Symphony. She also has a 24″ rigid heddle loom as well as a child’s loom and several drop spindles. She has a passion for working with wool and enjoys teaching people. Cherry can be found at the Weavers Shed at the Louisiana Renaissance Festival where she teaches people how wool was spun during the renaissance period.

Patrick M. Matherne – Works as a mechanical designer. He designs HVAC systems for school, universities, and other public buildings. He works with prepping the fiber. He is allowed to work on the drum carder, but his wife does not let him use any of the bigger tools like the drop spindles.