Oct 07

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How to use a Lucet

What is a Lucet

A lucet is a wooden tool that is used to make braids from rope or cords. The traditional lucet looks like a two pronged fork with the prongs about two inches or more apart. It is unknown exactly when the lucet was invented but there are examples in literature dating back to the twelfth century. There is also archeological evidence that the romans were using lucets made of bone.
The reason a lucet is different is that you do not have to make certain length braid. Once you start the braid making it is up to you to decide on if you want a 10 inch braid for a bracelet or you can make one 10 feet long.

How to use a Lucet

This is something that is very hard to describe using words. Luckily I was able to find this video on You Tube.

Where to buy a Lucet

Lucets can be purchased at most craft stores. If you want to order one online I would suggest this Lucet Braiding Tool
on Amazon.
On tip I can offer from experience is that if you have big fingers make sure you get a lucet that is large enough for you to easily use.