Jul 15

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How to flick wool using a flick carder

Flick Carder

Flick Carder

What is a flick carder used for?

A flick carder is a type of small carding tool that performs the following:

  • Removes vegetable matter and other debris
  • Removes the shorter fibers
  • Opens up the tips of a lock of wool to spin directly from the lock

How to flick wool using a flick carder

There are different ways you can use a flick carder.
Mainly it will depend on who you ask.
One of the methods I use is to place a flap of leather (or other tough material) on my leg. Then holding the sheared end of the staple tightly I lay the staple on the leather and tap the tip of the lock with the flick carder. Then flick the carder backwards away from the lock. (Some people will brush the ends of the lock with the carding brush.) Once you are finished with one side of the staple. You then turn the lock around and repeat the process.
If you are comfortable enough you can also just use the flick carder with just using both your hands, though the hand holding the wool will get beat up pretty bad since you will not have the safety of the leather padding.
I found this video (by insheepclothing) which gives another way to use a flick card

Tips on using a flick carder

If you do not have a flick carder you can also use a dog brush in a pinch or even a larger hand carder if you are careful enough.

Another option is you can hold the staple in the middle to have access to both ends of the lock of wool.

Do you have any other tips or ideas you would like to share please post them in the comment field below. Thanks