Apr 02

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My own spinning wheel

So after a few months on the drop spindle, my loving fiancé bought me a spinning wheel. After a few weeks of research, I elected to get a Kromski Prelude. I talked with some friends who had been spinning on a wheel for a while and then made the decision to purchase an unfinished wheel. We made the decision to purchase an unfinished wheel for a few reasons. One of them was price. It was significantly less expensive and it simply made it more mine. My wheel is unique now. Instead of it having the same finish as thousands of other wheels, it has a finish that my daughter and I applied ourselves. We had a blast doing this.
So now onto the actual spinning part! I have begun spinning on the wheel. I was originally told I needed to treadle for two weeks without actually spinning. Um, can we say no? I did not spend that much money to have to wait to spin. Besides only way to learn is to jump in and practice right? So not long after I had it put together, I started spinning on it and haven’t stopped since. In fact, my wool stash has grown by leaps and bounds. Sometimes I’m afraid if my significant other sees any more fiber coming in the mail, he is gonna kill me!
So far I have spun merino and Corriedale on the wheel. I have spun both natural Corriedale and dyed Corriedale. The merino I have had some problems with spinning on the wheel. However, I can tell a difference in the natural Corriedale and the dyed Corriedale. I seem to prefer the dyed and honestly seem to thoroughly enjoy the variegated roving I have purchased. It spins up so beautifully!
Happy Spinning!