Aug 02

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Discount Codes and Checkout

Upon  entering the discount codes for the Phat Fiber boxes, I encountered an issue, or rather what I thought was an issue.  As this is my site and it confused me, I am sure it is going to confuse all of you as well.  When you enter your discount code on the checkout page, it does not immediately show your discount.  In fact, it will show as full price.  I am not sure how to fix this issue.  However, if you continue down further on the page and enter your shipping information and choose your shipping method, you will notice that there are rows that include a discount portion, shipping price and total payment due.  We have the codes that were mailed for this month’s boxes entered and there are a limited number of them (i.e. you must have gotten one of my samples).  We are considering next month offering something for the secret site,  However, I have to get some sales.   Therefore, I am offering a free mystery item to the first sale.  As soon as we receive the order, I will send the lucky winner an email and put your package in the mail as soon as I can.