Jun 29

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Ravellenic Games 2012

Ravellenic Games is born from the ashes of the Ravellympics

In one of my earlier posts, I discussed the USOC sending a cease and desist letter to Ravelry over the term Ravelympics.  The mods of the group that went by THE TERM THAT SHALL NO LONGER BE USED IN PUBLIC have chosen to change the name to the Ravellenic Games.  Apparently the Greek Muses seem to agree as suddenly there was candy in my hand!  Hmmm diet, shmiet.  If you are handed candy magically, you cannot say “I’m on a diet.” So eat it I did.

New teams have been formed and the Ravellenic Game Village has been updated.  Some of the more amusing names that were bandied about in the group:  The-we-REALIZE-we-didn’t-practice-running-swimming-diving-gymnastics-for-our-entire-life Games, Unified Stitchers Observance Celebration aka USOC, and my personal fave, Raveldacted.

There is one thing I don’t get though, okay more than one but they all combine to make one thing.  Correct me if I am wrong, but the Olympics are an international thing, right?  So how in the heck did the UNITED STATES OLYMPIC COMMITTEE manage to trademark the word Ol****C?  Sorry I am afraid to type the word for fear of an unlicensed law clerk sending me a cease and desist letter.  Not to mention they did not trademark the word until 1978.  The Games That Shall Not Be Named were in place long before that.

In conclusion, the decision was made by those who have more power than me, to change the name of the Ravelympics 2012 to the Ravellenic Games 2012.  Not sure if anyone else felt this need, but I did save some of those patterns to my computer.  I have an insane urge to start making them even if I don’t know how to knit.  I might have learned for the Ravelympics 2012.  However, with the USOC completely discounting crafts I enjoy, I’m not sure I will ever learn with the exception of those patterns.