Sep 13

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R.I.P. Owain Phyfe

Yesterday, our Ren Fest family received some very upsetting news.  The bard, Owain Phyfe passed away from pancreatic cancer.  This man will never be forgotten.  Our first year at the faire, we could hear this beautiful voice as we walked along the lanes.  No matter how bad a mood you are in, his voice could always bring you joy.  We have had many occasions to meet him, mostly at wine tastings.  The second year at Ren Fest, we joined the cast and had a blast.  When walking the lanes, we always stopped to listen to him.  This year we also attended a wine tasting with a good friend of his, Jamie aka Madame Ghislane.  If wine was involved, you could almost always find Owain.  One of my most favorite memories involves a wine tasting at Jamie’s.  We were short a wine glass, so Owain goes into the house and comes out with the most redneck wine glass he could find.  These were homemade wine glasses made out of mason jars on top of what appeared to be candlesticks.  It was hilarious.  Later that day, he performed for us, where hubby and I joined his “road crew.”  The money for the all access pass (that I still have) goes to RESCU.  This particular foundation helps to pay medical bills for Ren Fest performers and crafters who have limited medical insurance.  He was one of those souls that will live on forever.  This song below will always have special meaning to me and I will never again be able to hear it without thinking of Owain.

A Health to the Company by Owain Phyfe

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  1. Random Crafty Guy

    I am sorry for the loss you feel, and am glad we have sweet memory as a salve.

    Your link had a typo (an extra V) so for the less net savvy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v0gLJ9VBMt4

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