Jun 08

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Mailing List and work for the week

Once again, I have fallen behind in the updating the blog portion of my life.   We have been WAAAY busy this week.  The Bug had her cheer camp last week which ended on Saturday.  The girls do a performance for the parents and then we get awards.  Bug was named All American which means she gets to go to Houston to march in the Thanksgiving Day parade there.  What awesome news!  That was her major goal at camp this year.  Unfortunately, that means that we have to push the wedding back a year.  The new wedding date has been set as December 14, 2013 at the Louisiana Renaissance Festival (LARF.).  Also, we had dance revue where she did her ten year solo.  Let me say it brought tears to my eyes!  I remember when she was a three year old and the best step they learned was what we called “stomping bugs.”  Wow does time fly!

From This when she was 3 years old

To this, Her 10 Year Solo Photo











I am going to be teaching someone how to wash the fleece this weekend so I can get some more done in less time.  I will be posting some more products for sale in the next two weeks.  I plan on teaching someone else how to do the hand painting and kettle dying.  We do have cast call for Louisiana Renaissance Faire this weekend so hopefully I can get the roommate taught tomorrow.  The fiance’ has agreed to be a journeyman weaver this year for the Faire, so this means I now have to make a dress with a farthingale for my garb.  Thank goodness for good friends.  I have to dye some damask and some linen for mine and the Bug’s dress since we were unable to find any in poppinjay blue.  Thinking I am going to do that tomorrow as well, weather permitting.

Something I am considering offering as well is more of my crafts.  Right now, I am not completely decided so I am asking for your input on this.  I have often made homemade jellies for any who are interested, please let me know.  Another product is homemade candles.  Now these candles are not what would be made at the Louisiana Renaissance Faire but rather my own in small shot glasses with essential oils.  Let me know if you are at all interested in these things.

I am working on an article that we will be offering to those people who sign up for our mailing list in the next few weeks for free.  This will be a limited time offer to help us build our clientele.  Once we have a set number of listings on the mailing list, we will begin charging for this download.  I am also going to be doing some more of the weaving that I seem to have let fall by the wayside here recently.

As far as the spinning, I have been on a Spunky Eclectic fiber kick here lately.  I am a member of the Fiber club where I get a 4 ounce bump of whatever colorway she decides on for the month.  Last month was Big Bang and oh my gosh was it gorgeous.  I have included some pictures of both the fiber and the progress in spinning.  I haven’t decided what to do with it but I have three bumps so I am thinking maybe a three ply or perhaps a Navajo plyed to make some slippers for me and the Bug!  I will let you know what I decide.

I know the flash interfered with the color on the left but you get the idea.  I am thinking of using a pattern called Oma House Slippers once I am done.  This stems from a friend of mine’s mother making me some of the most comfortable slippers I have ever worn when I was in high school.  They were the reason I learned to crochet to begin with but never got her mom to get me the pattern.  Now unfortunately I have lost touch with her.