Apr 16

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Okay originally I was going to keep this about fiber arts products and the like.  However, I did some thinking on it and I know it helps me when reading a blog if I know the people behind it.  So here we are from left to right, the hubby, Goofy, the Bug, me, the thing and Minnie.  (Brave Minnie kissing the thing.)  So now you know us by sight but you still don’t know much about us.

Well, I am a senior in college working towards a degree in Criminal Justice.  After that I hope to enter law school.  The hubby is a mechanical engineer or at least he will be when he takes the PE exam.  Well the kids are just that the kids.   The thing is a junior in high school about to begin his senior year and mostly college courses in that year, and the bug will be a freshman.  They do attend two different schools but that was the thing’s choice.  He is mostly a gamer.  The bug on the other hand, does it ALL and I do mean ALL.  She is a dancer mostly, taking classes in pointe, tap, jazz and tumbling.  She is also on the junior varsity cheerleading squad at her school.  In fact she is the only returning member on that squad this year.

Last season my family was on the cast on our local Renaissance Faire.  I began spinning then and it just felt right.  I started with a drop spindle and it grew from there.  I now own two spinning wheels, numerous drop spindles, and a TON of fiber.

I have finally started dying my own fiber because I got tired of using other people’s visions.  I have dyed both with Kool Aid and food coloring as well as acid fast dyes of different brands and a few natural dyes.

I use the natural dyes because I am on cast at my local Renaissance Festival.  We attempt to keep things just as they were in 1565, the year our festival is said to have taken place.  I don’t care for these dyes; THEY STINK.  But they do make pretty colors.

My preference is the acid fast dyes.  I like the colors I get from them plus the life of them.  Hopefully we can get some more colors soon.  I have been put on a budget hiatus for a bit.  At least until I sell some stuff or have the kickstarter campaign funded.  So on that note, please go buy something or fund the new line!  Please, pretty please?