Apr 10

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Spring Break Week


Ok this week has been quite hectic for us here.  I have had a couple of doctor’s appointments so that has cut into work time considerably.  In addition to all that, I have got to work on some papers for school.  At least, these will be the last for this school.  Here it is, already Tuesday, and I have not even started on them.  Fortunately, this part will be fairly easy.

As far as dying, yesterday we tried some resist dying with highway tape.  As this is a learning experience for me, we struggled with this particular type of dying.  The first time we did this, we did not put near enough tape on it.  It worked but not great. We had very few white spots on it.  Then later, we kettle dyed some yellow and then tied some tape on places and put it in red.  We were hoping for a sunset look.  Unfortunately, it did not really turn out.  Instead of the orange we were hoping for, we got a definite red.

Tonight, we tied up some merino and dyed it yellow.  We are going to try putting it in the red tomorrow but for much less time.  Perhaps much less red dye as well. We are going to see how it turns out.  Here is hoping.  Once we get done, we will post some pictures for all to see of all that we dyed, both the teal and the sunset.