Jun 24

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Ravelympics 2012

2012 Ravelympics

Wow I don’t even know what to say here.  US Olympics Committee Is Mad at Knitting Olympics for Denigrating Real Athletes   This cease and desist letter was sent to Casey, founder of the website Ravelry.  Now as  law student, I can honestly say I have NEVER seen a cease and desist letter that actually insults the recipient.  This was too much.  In order to view anything on Ravelry, you must be a  member.  Now it’s free to sign up and anyone can sign up.  But to do it just so you can see if we as crafters are doing something you don’t like is just ridiculous.  The apology is nowhere near enough.  First you insult us by claiming that someone would confuse what we are doing with the real Olympics.  Then you have the gall to ask for those very items we would be making while watching the Olympics but you don’t want us to make those.

How is what I am doing as a crafter any different than what a person who play, let’s say beach volleyball?  Yes we have to both learn what we are doing.  I have spent many evening with my hands hurting because I have done too much with my craft that day.  Believe me, what we were doing would probably have gotten you more viewers.  Consider the fact that 1 in 3 people in America knit.  If half of those are part of the Ravelry community, then those people would have been knitting while watching the Olympics.  However, with the swipes you took at this community, you probably just lost those viewers.

Secondly, what if I were in Canada?  The USOC would have NO jurisdiction there.  What I am getting out of this is those Ravelers who are not in the US are not in danger of being confused with the athletes.  Are they any smarter than those people in the US?  According to the USOC, yep they sure are.  Is this really the portrayal that you wish to send to the world?  I don’t think so.

By then issuing an apology that falls far short of the mark, you just made matters worse.  We are not stupid; we know that a standard form letter does not have the kind of language in it that that one did.  Then to turn around and ask us to send you those very items that you don’t want us crafting in the first place, well let’s just say, someone has mud on their face now and it isn’t Ravelry.