Apr 21

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Louisiana Science Fiction Film and Costume Festival

So today was our first outing for the business.  We attended the Louisiana Science Fiction Film and Costume Festival as demonstrators of fiber arts.  We had the spinning wheel, the loom and the fiber prep tools out with us, along with lots of fiber.  I spent most of the day spinning, when I wasn’t going to a panel that is.  I finished spinning up some Merino fiber called Ice Berries.  It is a beautiful pink, blue, white and brown braid.    We did have a minor breakdown while we were there.  We found out the wheel does not like to ride in the trunk.  Both of the legs to hold the wheel itself on got loose.   This was causing the wheel to wobble and rotate instead of just rotate to spin the thread.  This made treadling difficult.  However, I had two wonderful guys come to rescue, Joe and Deuce, both of our local Ghostbusters fame.  Kind of weird seeing Ghostbusters on the floor working on a 16th century spinning wheel.  Regardless, thanks go out to both of these gentlemen for helping me out.  We did promote the shop a bit as well.  In fact, one of the sponsors of the event, mentioned that they were needing a spinner for a part in a local movie he is working on.  Keep your fingers crossed.