Sep 01

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Hurricane Isaac updates

Ok so as I am sure most of you know, Hurricane Isaac has made his presence known here in Louisiana.   Not sure what the national reports are saying but one of the hardest hit areas appears to be St. John the Baptist Parish, which of course just happens to be where we are located.  Isaac hit us on August 29, 2012, 7 years to the day after Katrina hit us.  I was not here for Katrina, but my thoughts were “It’s no big deal, Laplace never floods, we don’t need to evacuate.”  BOY WAS I WRONG!  On August 23, I had gotten in a wreck on my way home from school.  My son took my car to the shop on the 24th.  On Monday, our insurance company called the shop and said they could not get to it that day so they would get to it tomorrow.  That Thursday was the last time I will ever drive my car.  While at the shop, the salt water from the lake flooded the shop and my car.  The smell in that car is horrendous.  We are waiting currently for the catastrophe team to get my car and make the offers on it.  It does appear however, that it will be a total loss.  Sucks for me but hey I get a new car right?  The house is ok and we are ok.  No flooding but no power since August 29 and the water was turned off from August 29 till August 31.  We did end up evacuating to Baton Rouge about 50 miles west of us on Thursday.  I was in a rental car and I am not sure I will ever rent from Enterprise again. While evacuating, I had a blowout.  Enterprise wanted me to stop on the Interstate with no shoulder with everyone going 70 to change the tire.  Um can you say not safe?  Then they wanted me to  replace their tire before they would give me another car.  Um can you say HELL NO?  Eventually we did get a car and get to a hotel. The next day I went to school and Pat’s parents had power so at this point in time we are staying here until we get power restored.  So in honor of this, we will be offering a special Isaac coupon.  We are still hoping to get our Phat Fiber shipment in to Jessie on time.  I will let you know about the coupon as soon as we have activated it.