May 06

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Fiber Inspiration and Update

Sorry I have been kind of missing in action this week.  It was the final week of class and I was trying to get finished with all my schoolwork.  Once I finished the final paper, I just sort of dropped for a bit.  I do have my finals on Tuesday and Wednesday so I hope I will be back here after this week with a lot more regularity.  However, I do have to deal with the Bug’s athletic banquet and her 8th grade graduation as well as my college graduation.

As far as shop news, well we got some seeds for use to plant for dye plants.  We also got a new dye kit, Greener Shades, as well as some wool and some tussah silk for add ins.  The wool was a new kind I had never played with before. I like the wool but not crazy about the dyes in particular.  Maybe I did something wrong but I was looking for a 1% depth of shade using 90% Coral Reef Aqua, 5% Sunshine Yellow, and 5% Flame Red.  The dyes were dissolved in hot water before being put into the dye pot with the wool.  However, after dying instead of a uniform shade, the red seems to have popped up in random places.  Not that I mind, but I had a very specific vision in mind.

Now for inspiration, we have given some thought, due to the large number of sci-fi fans in the house, of doing some wools dyed relating to our favorite movie characters.  So far, I have a request for Star Wars themed yarns, Harry Potter themed yarns, and possibly some related to some of my fantasy books by Jayne Castle.  What would you enjoy seeing in fiber?