Jul 26

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Discount Codes

So in addition to getting the fiber ready for August’s Phat Fiber Box, we have also had another job we were working on.  Each sample for Phat Fiber comes with its own scratch off discount code.  These codes range from 10% off to 99% off the August Phat Fiber Item, Desert Sands.  These cards contain a discount code to be entered on the checkout page.  If these codes are entered and the item not purchased the code is null and void.  Codes can only be used once.   If there are any issues with the paint not scratching off, you can simply peel the contact paper off and see if that works.  If there are still issues, please feel free to contact me.  I will be more than happy to help you!  Simply send me an email with the color of your card, and as much of the code as you can make out.