Jun 25

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After the Storm

So I have finished the fiber samples for the Phat Fiber sampler box.  They are called After the Storm and will be available in the shop soon.

The process began as kind of a mistake.  I miscalculated on the amount of dye needed for the grey and instead I got BLACK!

So we took some white and began blending this together to make a grey.  It’s not quite the grey I had in mind but it will work.






Then I dyed some River Blue and Coral Reef Aqua to get these batts.






After we blended them all together we got these gorgeous batts.

I use Greener Shades dye for a couple of reasons.  I like the sheer range of colors available to me with these dyes.  Another reason is that they seem to be much less labor intensive than the others I have tried. We will also be including some stitch markers in the sampler package to go into other packages as well.

If you wish to purchase some of this fiber it can be found at After the Storm