Aug 04

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Momma Love

So as of Thursday, my son is officially joining the Army after he graduates high school.  He has chosen his MOS, 91F, small arms repair. For those who him, this is a perfect fit.  The part I am not happy with is what is doing after his AIT.  He is going to jump school so he can be Airborne.  While don’t get me wrong, I am very very proud of him,there is a part of me, that cringes at this particular item.  No it has nothing to do with him jumping out of “perfectly good airplanes,” as I am of the opinion that there are none of those.  It’s just that this is my only son and I am going to struggle with him leaving.

Later that evening, we got a phone call from a friend of ours in Alabama.  One of my son’s friends had been shot in the back.  While we were living there, there were four boys that were together all the time.  If you saw one of them you saw the other three.  J1, J2, A and my son were always together.  We had noticed that J2 had been pulling away from the guys some but attributed it to growing pains, the kids had started going to separate schools, etc.  I can’t reveal too much information but it appears that he was lured to an abandoned school.  He had a friend with him and they pulled him out of the car and put a gun to his head and ordered him to enter the school.  J2 was pulled from the jeep and pistol whipped.  Something happened and the other person got away.  The criminals shot at him and somehow in all of this, J2 was shot in the back.  He was taken by ambulance to the hospital as Lifesaver Helicopter was grounded due to the weather.  The bullet broke a rib and they are unable to remove said bullet.

I hope all of you, regardless of how much trouble your children cause, go hug your kids.  I know I will tonight because I know just how close it was to my son being in the car and quite possibly not being alive today.

And for all the other proud Army parents out there,  HOOOAH!

I hope that all of you regardless of how much trouble your kids cause, and believe me I know they cause plenty go hug your child tonight.  I know I did because I know how close it was to my child being the