Jun 28

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Dying for Garb

Our First Attempt at Dying Fabric

So I am starting the dying process for garb for both this year’s Louisiana Renaissance Festival as well as the wedding garb for next year.  So far this is what I have, the dye in the dyepot.  Had to make a last minute run to the store for the Sodium Carbonate and Non Iodized Salt.

Linen cloth in the sink awaiting a dye bath

Dye Pot

Have the fabric wet, one five yard piece, one four yard piece, one two yard piece, all of linen and one two and a half yard piece of damask.  Still have to get the dyes in for the wool and that will be next week’s piece.  I have the dye dissolved and about to put the linen and damask in.  (Note to self, PUT ON GLOVES).

What happens when you forget to wear gloves. You can say I really hand dyed something.

This did not turn out like I had hoped.  The fabric did not agitate enough so we were forced to order some dye remover.  Working now on getting the color out and starting over.  We admit it, we make mistakes, a lot of them if you listen to the hubby, so we will get it fixed and new pics up and posted.   This is what we had after we rinsed out the dye. It might not be perfect but we are learning tons of information along the way.

Damask after dying

Linen dyed Poppinjay Blue