Jul 18

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August Phat Fiber

Possible portrayal of Shirin enjoying coffee. Oil on Canvas

Arabian Nights for Phat Fiber in August

So I can’t say much until my samples are sent off to HQ to be sorted into boxes.  But what I can say is that the theme of this month played around in my mind A LOT!  This is one of my favorite themes yet.  The theme for August is Arabian Nights.  Now maybe it’s the fact that I was an Arabic linguist in the Army, but this one hit home.  I was envisioning bold colors, exotic feeling fibers and so on.  The base fiber on this one is bamboo.  This was my first time dying bamboo so I wasn’t sure how well it would take the dye.  I was aiming for between a tan and chocolate brown, sort of a dark sand color.  I got very much closer to the tan color than I would have liked, but I have a starting point now.  I am going to add in tussah silk to the finished pieces to give it a pop of color.  I don’t know what colors I am adding yet.  I think I will see what looks best and go from there!  I can’t wait to let you get a sneak peek at what is going into the box this month!

So here it is!  The sneak peek.  I am so excited about this one.  The base is bamboo which was supposed to be more brown than this but this is what I got out of the dye pot.  The red and blue are tussah silk.  So I guess you can call this one my luxury fiber.  I am not sure how often I will work with this base so get it while you can.  Also in the August Phat Fiber box, we will be implementing a small game.  There will be scratch off cards in each box.  The prizes will range from 10% to 99% off (couldn’t do 100% because the site went wonky on that) the August fiber.  However, the catch is you won’t know what your code offers until you actually click to make the purchase.  If the code is entered and the purchase not completed, then the code will be void.  I am hoping to continue this each month.  However, it may not be scratch off cards every month.  It is a wee bit time consuming to make them, but I do have my kiddos to help me.  Here is hoping you enjoy the new fiber!