Apr 02

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My First Drop Spindle

So back in November of 2011, I was introduced to a drop spindle at The Louisiana Renaissance Festival. She wasn’t the prettiest spindle of the bunch, nor was she the most stable. What she was though was mine. I started that first weekend of that month and it has been a journey that has become somewhat of an obsession. Let’s just say I now have a wool budget (and I better not surpass it for any reason). So then in February of 2012, I started a new project with a spinning wheel. Not long after that, my son surprised me with a drum carder for my birthday. I have started to dye my own wool in colors that I like rather than what others like. That journey is a story for another time.
I was taught to spin on Corriedale so it tends to be my go to wool for learning anything new. I have both started spinning on the wheel with this wool and it still seems to be the one I prefer. I have some dyed merino that I love to spin on the wheel but most of my merino comes in pencil rovings and that seems to spin better on my drop spindle. One major difference though is that now I have purchased a much more stable drop spindle. It was an amazing difference to me from the first spindle.
So far I have spun on the spindle some Corriedale from the wonderful friend who taught me to spin. I have also done some dyed merino on the spindle. I love some of the thread that I have created. If you have any questions on what I have done so far, please feel free to email me. I would love to share the fun I am having with you.