Oct 07

How to use a Lucet

What is a Lucet A lucet is a wooden tool that is used to make braids from rope or cords. The traditional lucet looks like a two pronged fork with the prongs about two inches or more apart. It is unknown exactly when the lucet was invented but there are examples in literature dating back …

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Sep 24

The Best Spinning Wheel for a Beginner

Are you looking to buy your first spinning wheel? I have a guide that can help you make some of the choices and links to popular models of spinning wheels

Sep 16

An Introduction to Hand Carding Wool

Want to learn how to use a hand carder on your wool so you can spin it with a drop spindle or spinning wheel. Well I have a free video that shows you how

Jul 15

How to flick wool using a flick carder

Want to know how to use a Flick Carder for flicking wool. I have a small write up and video tutorial for free

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