Sep 16

An Introduction to Hand Carding Wool

Want to learn how to use a hand carder on your wool so you can spin it with a drop spindle or spinning wheel. Well I have a free video that shows you how

Jul 15

How to flick wool using a flick carder

Want to know how to use a Flick Carder for flicking wool. I have a small write up and video tutorial for free

Jul 11

Wrist Distaff, What it is and how to use one

What is a Wrist Distaff   A distaff is a device used for holding wool/flax for the spinner, that keeps the loose fiber in an area away from the spinning, so it will not become tangled. If you look at the picture to the right you will notice that the person using the drop spindle just has …

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May 30

Of Fibers, Weaves, and Looms

Fabric, the final frontier. These are the voyages of the star ship Loom. It’s thousand year mission to explore strange new weaves, to seek out new textiles and new fibers, to boldly go where not weaver has gone before. Once the wool fiber is all grown up, We must decide on what journey into its …

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